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What you will get in Sample E-Book?

In sample you will get same e-book like complete edition  but we will provide domains up-to 7 only.  You can easily build 15-20 backlinks with these 7 Domains only. After making backlinks with these domains, you will have exact idea that what type of backlinks are you going to build with Backlink Info Vol-1.


You can also check the Authority of domains with PA & Spam Score. For sample you have to  pay 100 INR only. When you purchase full edition then , we will provide you Discount of 100 Rupees. You will get the discount through sample book automatically.

If you need assistance regarding the creation of backlinks, then you can contact backlink info Premium support which is totally free with sample package. 


                        Note-Use win zip, win rar or any relevant software to unzip or extract the file

If you face any problem regarding download or usability, simply drop a meaasge. We will get you back as soon as possible